Welcome to Boondock Alley

News From The Surgery

Hey there sci fi lovers!! Welcome to Boondock Alley, mind your step. Aurora City is a pretty average place to live and work but somehow we all love it here. This web-series documenting our reality has taken quite some time to kick off and we’re over the moon 😉 you’re joining us for our launch.  We’ve gone from development of the concept thee years ago to having filmed two episodes this year. We’ve just locked our edit and are now getting ready for colour grading and our score. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve done!  In prep for release we thought it might help to describe where you’ll find Boondock Alley.

If you live in a city right now think about the part of town you wouldn’t want to go to.  Not the trendy ‘down towns’ that include a flurry of restaurants and nightlife, but the industrial area. The places that empty out after dark and are dead quiet, eerie with dull lights.  Abandoned car parks, poorly maintained, dirty streets, some graffiti, parts of buildings left standing from a half done demolition and smoke from the factories. In this part of Aurora City you’ll wander through quiet laneways that seem empty but don’t feel that way and you may see a blood red sign saying ‘Boondock Alley Temp Surgery’.  Go on and enter, we dare you…

We’ll keep you posted on how we’re progressing and let you know if we hear of any news from Aurora City. In the meantime check out our history timeline and some news clippings we’ve grabbed for you which are on our site.  Will give you a good picture of how Boondock Alley surgery came to be.  Thanks and hope to see you soon!! Not in the surgery though… no humans allowed.

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