Vampire hailed as hero for pulling victims out of the rubble after minor quake shakes the city

The Boondock Chronicle

A vampire from the local Dark-Cave Coven has saved the lives of 3 city residents who were trapped after their building collapsed in today’s earthquake.

He stated it was the sweet, fragrant scent of the blood that attracted him to the scene but that he was proud that he had refrained from feeding on the victims.  He said he was happy to have been able to help.  Citing his beyond human strength as an asset, he suggested other vampires could be utilised by local authorities to assist First Responders in disaster zones in the future.

Pro-I’s cite this as illustration of positive change and mutual benefit.

Anti-I’s reject this and say the spilt blood would have whetted his appetite and he would just have gone off and fed on someone else who’s bloodless body will now be lying in a ditch somewhere.

The vampire left the scene with supersonic speed and was not available for further comment.

The debate over integration continues…

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