Post-Integration Entry – November 2016

Boondock Alley Case Files

The surgery was overwhelmed today.  Violent clashes continue between humans and the un-dead at endless rallies opposing the Integration Act.

The Act brings “All creatures together under law” and at Boondock Alley we are committed to working in accordance with this and will continue to treat the injured, the sick, the cursed, the lost, and the changing.


To the Un-dead, you know how to find us.  Humans, you can learn more about Boondock Alley at the upcoming Made in Melbourne Film Festival that features our work, our staff, and our journey.  As pioneers in the treatment of the un-dead we are thrilled to have our work showcased at this fantastic event.

Festival Director, Ivan Malekin acknowledged that submissions this year “shattered records” with the quality of the entries making this year’s program “one of the toughest to finalise.”

We hope that the increased exposure achieved through this will highlight the work of Boondock Alley and the dedicated staff team that will keep fighting the fight for equality in healthcare… whatever creature you are.

So, if you’re in town, come and support Boondock Alley and other local talents in your community at this fabulous Festival of achievements in film.

  • Made in Melbourne Film Festival – Web Series Showcase
  • Thursday December 8th at 7pm
  • Loop Project Space & Bar, 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne

We look forward to seeing you or, if you’re more inclined to hanging in the shadows, or circling above, to just knowing you are there in support or in spirit!

Yours in healthcare for the unusual,

The Boondock Alley Team


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