Possible Chupacabra Sighting

Boondock Bugle

On Thursday evening this week, Sandra Simmons of Fury Lane, Aurora City, came home from work to find a grey, hopping, hissing figure with large teeth preparing to attack her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bertie, in the back yard.

As she looked on, her phone rang – it was a custom ringtone of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ – which fortunately appeared to scare the creature off.  However, as it darted behind a tree to exit the property, Ms Simmons asserts that the creature looked different to what it did when first viewed, stating,  “Yeh it was like it’s legs and tail had gotten much longer and its eyes changed to green”.

The police have confirmed that Ms Simmons tested negative for drugs and alcohol.  Forensics are currently testing the creature’s drool on the pavement and the extensive scratch marks it left on Ms courtyard walls.  Berty is being treated for minor shock but is otherwise in a stable condition.

This is the second alleged Chupacabra sighting reported to the Boondock Bugle in two weeks. The Mayor has been contacted for comment.

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