Overweight Fairy to sue GP for denying Wing Augmentation

The Boondock Chronicle

A Plus Size Fairy originally from North of the World is suing a local GP for failing to provide wing enlargement surgery.  The GP – Dr Peter Clarkson – refused the surgery after diagnosing the fairy with emotional eating leading to weight gain and wing fatigue.  He told the Chronicle:

“His wings simply cannot bear his weight.  Losing a few kilos will rectify this and improve the patient’s health.”

The fairy maintains that under the new Integration Laws he should have access to whatever procedure feels right for him and is pursuing a case against Dr Clarkson in the hope of being reconsidered for Wing Augmentation.

Dr Clarkson stated that the laws were at risk of being misinterpreted as a “free for all” and that medical procedures paid for by the state should only ever be performed where necessity dictates.

The case will be heard at the City Court next Monday.

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