Medical Centres for the Undead and Other-Worldly to Open this Spring

The Boondock Times

Pioneering Public Health Activists are celebrating today after Government passed laws to support their ongoing investigative medical research and treatment practices for the Undead or the Other Worldly (OW) from October this year.

Controversy has reigned over this application.   Advocates for the protection of all species presented claims that provision of medical represents equality, essential in an Integrated Society.  Research scientists expounded the limitless possibilities in extension of human health and even life through the examination of the biochemistry of the Undead or OWs.  Those opposed to Integration continued to argue vehemently that ratepayers should only be funding services that treat human life forms.

Concerns were then debated about possible misinterpretation of the laws, if passed, for fear that the Undead or OWs may be exploited in under-ground research for the sole benefit of human life.  Others were concerned about the transfer of disease between the different species.

The Collaborative Government Initiative for Progress through Integration (CGIPI) voted in favour of passing the laws.  For the benefit of all, strict regulations were attached stipulating that Medical Surgeries for Humans and Undeads/OWs must be entirely separate and that any cross-contaminatory practice would risk doctor’s being struck off the register with surgeries then to close.

They extended the regulations to protect the Undead or OW from potential exploitation in the research field such that any research can only be under-taken by those who volunteer or who leave their bodies to medical science – if, indeed, a body remains upon their death or other kind of passage out of life to alternative worlds.

As with all laws being fought out around the ongoing changes in our world, this one led to cheers from Pro-I’s on one side and angry outbursts from Anti-I’s on the other.

Dr Miranda Evans, a leading practitioner in Undead and OW healthcare and vocal supporter of this legislation stated, “What cannot be overlooked is that the passing of this law provides opportunity for benefit to all, regardless of your stance on Integration.”

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