Fairy flies into window, potential attack foiled.

Boondock Bugle

At 7pm on Monday, outside the Royal Hotel on Davies street, Aurora City witnesses reported seeing a fairy flying at pace straight towards a third storey window. “He seemed to be waverin’ in the air and then all of a sudden switched on a rush o’ speed and flew straigh’ into the window,” commented local resident, Clancy Shutters.

On recovering the fairy from the ground, he was alleged to have been holding a short, marked blade and a small bottle of blue liquid, leading police to think the fairy may have been preparing for an attack of some sort. Police would not reveal details of the current resident of the third storey room to the Boondock Bugle.

Keen to avoid any negative publicity perhaps, the Royal Hotel would not comment other than to say that the windows had recently been thoroughly cleaned which may have caused confusion for the fairy.

The fairy is in a stable condition after being attended to at Boondock Alley Temp Surgery and will attend court later this week.

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