Pro-Integrationists defend recent mauling incident of the latest Youtube Pop sensation All About Ourselves as “an adjustment phase”.

Anti-Integrationists cite the incident as grounds for rebellion fuelling the hate campaign.

The Undead involved apologise for their actions while stating that the Duo “had no taste”.

The conflict rages on…

Conflict has always found its way to cling to us, no matter what our era, generation, culture, planetary background or state of living or un-deadness. The conflict that rages from the law supporting Temporary Integration is just the most current.

Pro-Integrationists (Pro-I’s as they are known) hope for a reduction in incidents and a gravitation towards acceptance and calm as the Undead and Other Worldly (OW) learn to operate within a previously non-existent code of acceptable conduct.

Anti-Integrationists (Anti-I’s) hope for an awakening in government and a return to the ways of the past where conduct didn’t matter and just being Undead or OW was grounds for silver bullets, stakes through the heart or containment – although the latter often proved impossible.

Some Undead and OW also support the ways of the past.  They rile the Anti-I’s with reminders that the past favoured them more than humans.  They remind us that back then, they could enjoy a freedom in their “activity” in the unguarded, shadowed corners of the city and before Integration Laws bound them to minimise or eradicate certain behaviours.

Tension is indeed high but going backwards is rarely the answer.  In any case, the past wouldn’t rid any of us of the Undead as they themselves point out.  These creatures have always been with us.  All that’s changed is that now they have the right to vote; the right to a trial in a court of law; the opportunity of a formal education or to become contestants on MKR.  They now also have the right to access proper Healthcare.

The move to Integration has changed the way we live, changed the way we think and taught us a lot about the Undead/OW and about ourselves.  Will we ever see eye-to-eye as a society?  History says not.   But whether we like it or we don’t, times change, change happens and we have to learn to live with it and with each other.

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