Attack on Local Fisherman Leads to Escalation of Fear of Undead

The Boondock Times

The recent mauling of a fisherman at Clarity Lake in the city’s south has left locals fearing for their lives and furious at the Government for stalling over the passing of Integration Laws that would provide greater protection of human life.

Local café owner, Jackie Jones stated that the powers that be need to “Get real” about a threat that has always existed but that is escalating as our universe expands.  She said:

“We have always known that we are not alone – and I don’t mean just talking about aliens or UFOs.  How many of us have “seen things” or “heard things” or known that something weird is being explained away by the government when the clear explanation is not a “rogue dog” but a Werewolf.  We know the truth and leaving these creatures bound only loosely by laws and consequences is crazy.  They need to “man up” and treat everyone the same.”

Miss Jones refers to points made by many that if we have laws and rules for the human and the living that at least attempt to curtail dangerous behaviour, would we not be better protected by extending those laws to include Undead and OW?

This argument is well supported by some while others argue that to pass such laws is like asking a wild lion to shop for his meals at the local supermarket as opposed to doing what is natural – hunting.  In response to this, Miss Jones stated “If the Cullens can do it up in Forks, why can’t others?”

For those living in the Lakes area, there is only one answer and that is to pass the Integration Laws and see if things improve.  Not to do so, they feel, will leave them afraid as well as ignored by their Government.

The community has petitioned their local Member of Parliament by email as they are too afraid to leave their homes.  A response is hoped for by the end of this month.

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